Terri-Lynn is a musician, author, activist, artist, and lawyer who has dedicated herself to the continuation of Haida language and culture. 

Born in Haida Gwaii off the west coast of Canada, Terri-Lynn has been a promoter of Haida music and language since the age of 13, when she was drawn to the songs her centurion great-grandmother and grandmother sang.


Logo and Artwork created by renowned artist, Robert Davidson, CM, OBC.


Latest Album - Grizzly Bear Town

Terri-Lynn's latest album (August 2017 release date) bridges cultures, blending ancient stories with contemporary music.

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Exhibit & Book

An exciting exhibit and companion publication that showcases female Supernatural Beings of Haida oral traditions, exhibited at the Haida Gwaii Museum June - December 2017.

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gid7ahl -gudsllaay lalaxaaygans

Above are Terri-Lynn's Haida (and legal) names. "Lalaxaaygans" was given to her by her maternal great-grandmother, centenarian and song custodian Susan Williams. It is an ancient Haida name that can be best translated as “Beautiful Sound”. "gid7ahl -gudsllaay" was the name held by her great-grandmother.


Raven Calling Productions

Helping to perpetuate Haida language and culture.

In many of the Haida oral histories, reference is made to supernatural powers
of the night, and signals the beginning of a new day and the onset of positive,
bright powers in the human realm. Our name was chosen to reflect Raven Calling
Productions’ goal of sharing and showcasing Haida musical and oral
traditions to help guide us in our collective path forward.


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