Haida Gwaii Singers Society


          Logo and Artwork created by  Robert Davidson

        Logo and Artwork created by Robert Davidson

“Haida Gwaii Singers represent the last generation to learn directly from Elders known as ‘Holders of the Songs’. These records will not only connect Haida children with the rich legacy of Haida songs; they will also help to connect Haida people with the people of B.C. and the rest of the world.”
— Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson

Terri-Lynn is one of five long-standing singers of Haida songs that formed The Haida Gwaii Singers Society. The Society’s goals are to educate Haida people and the general public about, and in the rich musical traditions of the Haida Nation. The Society also seeks to reinvigorate Haida songs and protocol, perpetuating the continued use and existence of traditional and contemporary songs. The Society released three monumental box sets in 2008 and 2009. To learn more about these box sets and to purchase them, visit the Haida Gwaii Singers website.