Album Release Performance at The Cultch in Vancouver

August 27th, 2017 at 7:00pm

Join us for an evening of celebration in the release of the timely and unique album, "Grizzly Bear Town" by Terri-Lynn Williams Davidson, Bill Henderson and Claire Lawrence. We will also celebrate the launch of Terri-Lynn's book "Out of Concealment: Female Supernatural Beings of Haida Gwaii".  Click here to buy your tickets!

Out of Concealment - Female Supernatural Beings of Haida Gwaii

Exhibition Opening: 7pm June 16, 2017
Haida Gwaii Museum at Kay Llnagaay

Double release event: 7pm August 10, 2017
book launch  .  album release  .  live concert

Haida Heritage Centre at Kay Llnagaay
Haida artist and lawyer Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson presents an exhibition, book and album—all supernatural in their own right—of female supernatural beings and crest images of Haida oral traditions. The audience is sure to delight in this critical, original and wondrous iteration of ancient histories and wisdoms passed down through the generations. Through combining the beauty of Haida Gwaii, the art of Robert Davidson, and supernatural beings adorned by Indigenous designers—the feminine and powerful land and seascapes of Haida Gwaii are brought out of concealment, humanizing the land and sea, and showing they are worthy of respect, rather than domination and exploitation.  

Exhibition runs June 16 - December 31, 2017, Haida Gwaii Museum at Kay Llnagaay


Coastal First Nations Dance Festival : February 28 - March 5, 2017

Special Opening Performance with Bill Henderson and Claire Lawrence. 

Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson will perform songs from her upcoming album (to be released this summer), and will be joined by Canadian music icons Bill Henderson and Claire Lawrence. This album contains music in the endangered Haida language and will be accompanied by blues, jazz and rock instrumentation.

She will also be performing with the Rainbow Creek Dancers. The Festival is a celebration of the stories, songs and dances of the Indigenous peoples of the northwest coast of North America. The festival presents the rich cultural traditions practiced by dance groups from British Columbia, the Yukon, Alaska and Washington State as well as guest international artists and demonstrates that these traditions are very much alive, vibrant and relevant today. Click here to see the Festival program.

TESTIFY - A Project of the INDIGENOUS LAWS + ARTS Collective

Terri-Lynn is proud to be participating in Testify, an evolving and growing dialogue between Artists and Legal Thinkers.

Traveling performances and art show celebrating Indigenous laws: Nanaimo (November, 2016), Victoria (February, 2017), Kamloops (Spring, 2017), Ontario: Windsor (TBC), Toronto (TBC), Quebec: Montreal (TBC)

Artists and legal thinkers in conversation with each other to explore Indigenous laws and opportunities for the dynamic expression.   Testify creates a space for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians to dream a way forward which respects and reflects the diversity, strength and hope embodied within Indigenous traditions.

Law has been a powerful tool of the colonial project. Law was used to subjugate and attempt to wipe out Indigenous Peoples as distinct Peoples, and prohibit Indigenous ceremonies, governance, laws, and cultural expression.

Law continues to be used to remove children from their families, nations and cultures; to imprison people; and as a weapon of indifference in the failure to act to address the violence done to Indigenous Peoples (particularly women and children).  Indigenous laws – for caring for each other, for caring for the land, for mediating relationships across cultures and territories – continue to be ignored or undermined.

Canada remains a country incomplete : The failure to make space for Indigenous laws remains the unfinished business of Confederation.

Only by the active involvement of Indigenous laws can we avoid (re)conciliation morphing, unchallenged, into (re)colonization.


Terri-Lynn Receives People's Choice Award

Friday, November 7, 2014


Vancouver, Coast Salish Territory.  West Coast Environmental Law congratulates the winners of the 2014 Andrew Thompson Award: Glen Williams/Malii, Gitanyow Hereditary Chief, and Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson/gid7ahl-gudsllaay, lawyer and member of the Haida Nation.

The 2014 Andrew Thompson Award, which was awarded at West Coast Environmental Law’s 40th Anniversary event this week, included a judge’s choice – awarded by a panel of judges to Mr. Williams – and a people’s choice selected by over 6000 votes cast on-line – awarded to Ms. Williams-Davidson.

Glen Williams, Malii, President and Chief Negotiator for the Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs, has spent decades fighting for the preservation and implementation of Gitanyow laws, successfully litigating and negotiating long-term protection for the Gitanyow lax’yip (territory).

Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson, gid7ahl-gudsllaay, is a lawyer and citizen of the Haida Nation. The founding Executive Director of EAGLE (Environmental-Aboriginal Guardianship through Law and Education), she has devoted her entire career to protecting ecological and cultural rights,  including as the lead lawyer in the Haida’s successful 2004 Supreme Court of Canada challenge to protect old-growth forests and the resulting reconciliation over Haida Gwaii.

The Andrew Thompson award was established in 2002 by West Coast Environmental Law and the Thompson family as a legacy to the late Dr. Andrew Thompson, a pioneer in the fields of environmental and natural resource law.  The 2014 award recognized individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to the fields of environmental and Aboriginal law or to the revitalization, recognition and/or enforcement of Indigenous environmental law.

“Glen and Terri-Lynn, and indeed all our finalists, demonstrate the transformative potential when First Nations take action, grounded in their own laws, and backed up by Canadian constitutional law, to protect the land and resources of their territories,” said Jessica Clogg, Executive Director & Senior Counsel of West Coast Environmental Law.

The other finalists in the award, who were also honoured at the 40th Anniversary, included Grand Chief Bob Pasco (Chair, Nlaka'pamux Nation Tribal Council), Ardith Wal’petko We’dalx Walkem (lawyer to the Union of BC Indian Chiefs) and Chief Roger William (Xeni Gwet’in First Nation).