Growing up, Terri-Lynn was enchanted with the beauty of intricate Haida regalia made by hand using the natural fibres and materials. The craftsmanship of beautiful clothing has since fascinated her.

Raven’s Tail cape worn in the image above is an ancient weave from the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America that Cheryl Samuel brought back into being. She researched robes and fragments of robes, contained in museums throughout the world and wrote the seminal book “The Raven’s Tail”.

Raven’s Tail weavings are made entirely with finger manipulation, rather than with the assistance of any moving loom parts. The design elements are bold and graphic, such as the “Ancestor” pattern highlighted in the red and black tunic and leggings woven by Kay Field Parker and depicted in the CD cover and liner notes. The “Rainbow Robe” and “Night Rainbow” apron were both woven by Cheryl Samuel and integrate both Raven’s Tail and Chilkat weaving techniques. The rainbow is a crest of Terri-Lynn’s clan from Skedans and was worn by the “Chief of the Raven Supernatural Beings” when attending potlatches. The Ancestor and Rainbow outfits are both gifts from Robert Davidson.

Please see for more information about Raven’s Tail and Chilkat weaving.


The Story of the Cape

The cape which Terri-Lynn is wearing in this photo from the CD liner notes was once owned by her maternal great-grandmother, Susan Williams. Susan lived from about 1862 to 1971. Her knowledge of Haida songs was extensive, as she recorded over 100 Haida songs.

Brian Hawkes Photo

We used the design elements from her cape throughout the CD Jacket for the“New Journeys” album, as it embodies the marriage of two cultures. The provenance of the cape is unknown; it may be of Russian, Celtic, or European origin and is likely from the latter 1800s or early 1900s. It pairs perfectly with Haida ceremonial regalia and is made of velvet with Mongolian lamb fur trim. The front of the cape is appliquéd with a “tree” design, connected to “earth” and “water” elements that wrap around the bottom of the cape.

Angela DeMontigny, Terri-Lynn’s favourite designer, graciously agreed to refurbish the fur on the cape.




Spruce Root Weaving

The spruce root hat which Terri-Lynn wears, was woven by internationally renowned Haida weaver, Isabel Rorick. Robert Davidson painted the hat with two of Terri-Lynn’s crests, the Rainbow and Mountain Goat. The hat contains Isabel’s signature weave of three concentric circles at the top, symbolizing her three sons. It was a gift from Terri-Lynn’s husband, Robert Davidson.