"Grizzly Bear Town", 2017

From the new album released August 2017.

Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson (vocals) with Bill Henderson (guitar) and Claire Lawrence (saxophone)

Directed by Jody Thompson, Little Wolf Productions

Executive Producer | Bruce Marchfelder

Producer | Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson

Cinematographers | Nang K’uulas, Patrick Shannon


Grizzly Bear Town

Xuuaajii ‘Laanaas [Grizzly Bear Town]

Xuuaajii ‘Laanaas

Home of T’iis Kwaanaaya [Home of the Supernatural Being, Many-Ledges] Place of wild stillness

Whoa ho, wanagan iijiidan [Centred Place]

The ancients say

Find your place of peace Protect the land and sea, Go there and be!

Whoa ho, wanagan iijiidan

Sometimes I want to go back in time!

And sit with nanaay 7aawaay [great-grandmother] in xuuaajii ‘laanas

Oh, but colonization was a hard time!

Decimation, segregation, suppression

Vestiges remain today

Those in sGaana tllGaay [Spirit-Land] whisper

Anger is victim, in disguise

It eats at your soul like cancer

Instead, be

Warriors of light, peace and forgiveness

Xuuaajii ‘Laanaas, Xuuaajii ‘Laanaas

Home of T’iis Kwaanaaya

Place of wild stillness

Whoa ho, wanagan iijiidan

Warriors of Light


Here’s our story about the making of the song and album, ‘Grizzly Bear Town’ (released 9-August-2017).


Peace Making Song: Haida Gwaii is Green. The story and motivation behind our new album, recorded and filmed on location in beautiful Haida Gwaii.


The Story of Foam Woman, Haida Supernatural Being, told by Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson. This is an excerpt of the song, from the album Grizzy Bear Town. Released August 2017.


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