From the ‘Grizzly Bear Town’ album released 9-August-2017, this video released on Earth Day, 2018. Read more →


Grizzly Bear Town

In honour of gid7ahl-Gudsllaay, Susan Williams, nee Young, nee Moody. Nanaay 7aawaay, great-grandmother, song custodian, ancestress of the Skedans Ravens, and centenarian who lived from about 1862-1971. Read more →


My Mind is Relieved

‘My Mind is Relieved’ is from the ‘Grizzly Bear Town’ album released in August 2017. My husband Robert Davidson composed this song to celebrate the completion of a tremendous undertaking, such as a potlatch. He gifted this song to all Haida people at the conclusion of his potlatch on October 29, 2016. Read more →



This song is an ancient song that survived with the Kwakwakawa'kw Nation, where it was used as a War Cycle Song. According to William Wasden Jr., it was sung upon returning from war when warriors sang about the Supernatural Beings they had personified during battle. When it was returned to the Haida Nation we used it as a canoe song and a peaceful song marking the end of one's life, and the journey into the Spirit World. Read more →



Our story about the influences behind the song and album, ‘Grizzly Bear Town’.

Recorded and filmed on location in beautiful Haida Gwaii.

The Story of Foam Woman, Haida Supernatural Being.




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Grizzly Bear Town

Xuuaajii ‘Laanaas [Grizzly Bear Town]

Xuuaajii ‘Laanaas

Home of T’iis Kwaanaaya [Home of the Supernatural Being, Many-Ledges] Place of wild stillness

Whoa ho, wanagan iijiidan [Centred Place]

The ancients say

Find your place of peace Protect the land and sea, Go there and be!

Whoa ho, wanagan iijiidan

Sometimes I want to go back in time!

And sit with nanaay 7aawaay [great-grandmother] in xuuaajii ‘laanas

Oh, but colonization was a hard time!

Decimation, segregation, suppression

Vestiges remain today

Those in sGaana tllGaay [Spirit-Land] whisper

Anger is victim, in disguise

It eats at your soul like cancer

Instead, be

Warriors of light, peace and forgiveness

Xuuaajii ‘Laanaas, Xuuaajii ‘Laanaas

Home of T’iis Kwaanaaya

Place of wild stillness

Whoa ho, wanagan iijiidan

Warriors of Light